Why Estheticians Are Essential

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

I was inspired to write this, because I want what's best for your skin, and what's best for the esthetic community.

The Scary Truth

Did you know skincare products available on Amazon may not be real? No, this isn’t a dumb scare tactic, I’m being 100% real. Not only am I an esthetician, but I'm also deep in the distribution industry, and it boggles my mind the amount of products that are reproduced. It’s kind of terrifying actually.

We may think we’re purchasing from a reputable dealer, or even the company itself, but there is a good chance it’s actually from a third party who is slanging fake shit.

What's even scarier is that these products could literally be made of anything. Nobody checks the products when entering the United States. There isn’t an agent who examines the ingredients to make sure they’re actually what's listed on the label. There’s no guarantee, and there is absolutely no accountability.

Customized Treatment Plan

Amazon also doesn’t offer customized skincare advice. It’s impersonal, and it's solely relying on cute marketing (with the perk of free shipping with prime), which is fun, but could potentially be a waste of money if the product isn’t great.

Having an esthetician is a great resource to have because they can help you achieve your skincare goals, whatever they may be. Our skin changes so much throughout our lives due to seasons, life changes, stress, hormones, etc. Finding and sticking with an esthetician will help you deal with these changes!

A quick note about “customized” lines such as Curology — I’m just being honest, but I hate these companies; because their claims are disingenuous. There is no way an online test can truly tell you what your skin needs. It can’t fully assess your skin because it can’t see it in person, or feel it. Dehydration, and a compromised barrier is something that needs to be seen and felt in person.

You're not just another dollar to us

A good deal is always nice, but what’s nicer is supporting and building a relationship with an actual person, one that is invested in you, and your well-being.

Esthetician’s are generally empaths. We love helping and making people good. To have the support of our clients means everything. You may not know, but our job isn’t done after you leave. We follow-up, we think about you and wonder how you're doing, and look forward to seeing you again.

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