My Skincare Journey

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Growing up I didn't have the best skin. It broke out, it was sensitive, and I went from oily to dry overnight, and I could never find balance.

I can't specifically remember what makeup I used, but it was probably Wet + Wild. I do, however, remember what face wash I used. I used Clean + Clear, and I used a lot of it. I probably washed my face three times a day trying to rid myself of teen acne.

It wasn't until my early 20's that I started taking a vested interested in finding out why my skin was so angry. I started doing some serious Nancy Drew work, and found that the cleanser I was using was actually causing my breakouts; or at least making them worse.

Menthol, an ingredient added to give your skin a tingly clean feeling is actually an irritant, and is exactly the opposite of what acne needs.

Laureth-4, an ingredient added in many face washes marketed for acneic skin is actually mildly comedogenic.

Fragrance, an unregulated additive, is highly irritating and should be avoided, especially if you have acne or sensitized skin.

I was shocked that a product marketed for acne was actually doing more harm than good, but it was a good lesson in becoming a responsible consumer. I now look at the back of all cosmetics and if I´m unsure of an ingredient I will check it out on the Environmental Working Group site.

After moving away from drug store brands, I did a complete 180 and focused solely on organic skincare.

I tried several brands and noticed immediate changes in my skin...for a short period of time. Then as quickly as my skin improved it started to regress. I was so confused!

It wasn't until I became an esthetician that I learned about the importance of ingredients being chirally correct.

Chirally correct means products and their ingredients have been formulated with a professional delivery system to fully integrate into the skin's cells. Many organic skincare lines do not have a professional delivery system so they are unable to make real long-term changes to your skin.

This was a true aha moment for me!

I now look for products that are clinical/professional grade that take a vested interest in the health of the consumer, and don't add fluff or toxic ingredients to make it more marketable.

Meet Skin Script Rx

You'll probably hear me mention Skin Script a lot, both in the treatment room, and in my recommendations online.

It's because it's a professional corrective line that truly works.

I use their products in my treatments, I use them on myself, I know the products well, they don't conform to marketing bs, and it's affordable. Oh, and their products are made without added artificial fragrances and colorants, and they're not tested on animals!

Skin Script isn't the only great line out there, obviously. It just happens to the first professional line I've brought into the studio.

In the near future I look forward to introducing you to some other great skincare lines!

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