I'm Calling BS on Social Media Skinfluencers

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Can we talk social media and influencers? No to be dramatic, but, social media is dangerous. It's far too easy to edit and filter content; skewing reality. Anyone can portray themselves as something they are not.

I’ll be honest, I am tired of skincare junkies, (wannabe esthetician) influencers or whatever they're calling themselves these days, giving skincare advice. I've noticed my Instagram feed is now filled with content from these so called "skincare specialists". The advice and information they share is not only inaccurate but is disingenuous. 99% of the products they’re recommending, and raving about, are linked to an affiliate account, meaning they get paid each time one of their followers makes a purchase. Listen, creative marketing, and influencers, have always been a thing, but social media has made it so that it’s always in our face. This is why it's important to become an educated consumer, and one way to do so, is by finding a great esthetician. Here are my thoughts on why you should follow an esthetician's advice over the gorgeous influencer with 500k followers. First, we actually went to school (or apprenticed, like myself), and continue to take continuing ed courses, only available to licensed professionals. This allows us to learn and perfect our craft, as well as stay up to date on theories and new technologies. Last year I spent just over 3k on continuing education. We are skin nerds (at least us estheticians who offer skin services). We follow trends, we experiment, and we study the science. We are invested in results, not affiliate links. We care and understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of our skin's barrier, and when we aren't sure we have resources to help us, help you! What has become all too clear is that the skincare industry is an impulse buyers dream. It's easy to be drawn to cute packaging, pretty faces, vibrant colors, and the lifestyle it seemingly promises. But, if you want to save money, while leveling up your skincare game, do yourself a favor and find yourself an esthetician! Your skin, and pocketbook will thank you.

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