what is a meso peel?

what is the treatment like?

Also called the 'next generation peel' because of it's comtination of AHA, BHA, and Fermented Herbal Extracts. 

This gentle peel targets hyperpigmentation, stimulates collagen and is a great for those looking for a light peel.

The treatment begins with a thorough double cleanse, followed by application of the meso peel. 


A light tingling should be expected. Those with dryer skin will feel more sensation.


A soothing gel will be applied after to sooth the skin, follwed by a barrier protecting cream.

what to expect


For a week prior it is important to stay out of the sun, and keep the skin hydrated

Expect to leave without any redness -- this is a lunchtime peel!

Light peeling may occur a few days following treatment.

It is extremely important to follow all postcare instructions for the best result!  

Stay out of the sun

Wear a MINERAL sunscreen

For the first few days do not over-hydrate the skin

Do not pick or peel at any flaking skin