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what is a spider peel?

what is the treatment like?

The spider peel isn't as scary as it sounds. No spiders are actually used in this treatment, instead it's comprised of proteins extracted from their web.

It is a gentle peel that offers light resurfacing, without any peeling.

There is a misnomer that you have to shed skin to get a good chemical peel.

This peel works at a cellular level increasing hydration, improving skin barrier function, and stimulating collagen production.

The treatment begins with a thorough double cleanse.  The peel is applied to the skin. Expect a light tingle, but nothing too uncomfortable.


Peel will be neutralized and an amino acid mask will be applied. This is hydrating and soothing, and will be worked into the skin.


Treatment ends with a spider tox cream to protect your new skin.


what to expect

For a week prior it is important to stay out of the sun, and keep the skin hydrated.

Expect to leave with a brighter and more hydrated complexion.  This is a no downtime peel, so there shouldn't be any peeling.

It is extremely important to follow all postcare instructions for the best result!  

Stay out of the sun

Wear a MINERAL sunscreen

Keep skin hydrated!​

Do not use any exfoliating products for at least 7 days.