About Sarah + Kin Aesthetics Studio

My interest in esthetics began in 2010 while living in South Korea.

They are innovators and are at the forefront of global beauty standards.

When I decided to open my own skincare studio, I knew I wanted to focus on Korean skincare.

I love being able to bring innovative treatments to my clients, that aren't yet mainstream. 


Aside from skincare, my passion is helping people understand that our skin IS our body.

What we put on it will eventually work its way through our entire system. 

It was important to me to integrate products within my practice that share my same values.

I believe in healthy skin, preventative treatments, the ritual of self-care, and keeping it simple.

In the summer of 2019 my vision found a home in Depot Town.

I have taken what was originally a store front, and turned it into a little retreat.

Bohemian tasseled curtains provide privacy from the outside world, while a warm cozy bed and soft music sets the mood to lull you to sleep.

22 E Cross Street, Ypsilanti MI 48197

(734)627-7555 (call or text)